Thank you for becoming a U3A Darebin Class Tutors or Group Leader, the life-blood of a U3A and pivotal to its success.

With many classes timetabled in various venues across Darebin, occasionally things may go wrong. However, following the procedures outlined in the Tutors Handbook and familiarizing yourself with U3A Darebin policies can help avoid problems. Remember, our Class Coordinator is available to support you.

You can send emails to class members from UMAS by logging on at: https://www.u3adarebin.com.au/members/massTemplate.php  – an easy way to communicate with your class as only those without emails will need to be contacted by phone.

If there is an ongoing change to the venue or time of your class, please email or ring the Class Coordinator, with a copy to info@u3adarebin.com.au, so this can be recorded on UMAS and published on www.u3adarebin.com.au/course-list/.

Please remember to fill in a report on our VMIA Incident Notification form any time an adverse event occurs, even if it appears minor, as this report may be needed for insurance purposes later. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

Tutor Information

U3A Darebin Tutors Handbook 2024

U3A Darebin VIMA Incident Report Form

U3A Network Victoria VIMA Insurance Information

U3A Tutors User Manual for UMAS

Membership Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Available on the U3A Network Victoria website:

  • Policy Guidelines which have been endorsed by U3A Darebin, including policies on Privacy, Sexual Harassment, Code of Conduct, Bullying, Risk Management, Anti-discrimination and Conflict of Interesthttps://www.u3avictoria.com.au/policies