Risk Management Policy

Risk Management Policy

1. U3A Darebin will endeavour to minimise the risk our operations pose to our organisation, members and volunteers.

2. The purpose of this document is to identify potential risks to U3A Darebin and its members and to document our approach to managing identified risk.

3. U3A Darebin acknowledges its duty to provide a safe environment for its members and volunteers and a reliable development path for the organisation.
4. U3A Darebin will institute procedures that will, as far as is possible, minimise the incidence of risk and mitigate the impact of any risk that eventuates.
5. For the purposes of this policy ‘risk’ is defined as the probability that an occasion or event will arise that presents a danger to our organisation, members or volunteers. This policy encompasses, but is not limited to physical, financial, reputational and legal hazards.
6. Risks to be managed by U3A Darebin in the context of this policy include risk of:
o physical injuries to members, volunteers and visitors while participating in U3A auspiced activities and/or attending U3A Darebin premises
o loss of, or unauthorised access to members’ personal information and related data held by U3A Darebin
o breach of any premises owned, rented or occupied by U3A Darebin resulting in damage or theft to property or chattels
o fire leading to personal injuries and/or property damage.
7. Potential hazards to the physical safety of members and volunteers; and, procedures for maintaining a safe operating environment for U3A activities; are documented in U3A Darebin’s Health & Safety Policy.
8. Risks to the privacy of members and volunteers due to loss or misuse of personal information, or breach of records security and procedures for safeguarding privacy, are documented in U3A Darebin’s Privacy Policy.
9. Risks to the financial standing and assets of [name of organisation] and procedures for sound financial management and control may be documented in a separate policy statement and associated procedures.
10. Risks will be managed by U3A Darebin’s Committee of Management by:
o appointing a volunteer Risk Management Officer, who may be a member of the Committee of Management
o identifying the risks associated with U3A Darebin’s activities
o evaluating the likelihood of each identified risk eventuating
o establishing practices to avert and/or mitigate the impact of identified risks
o publishing an annual Risk Management Plan and maintaining a Risk Register.
11. The Risk Management Officer will coordinate preparation of U3A Darebin ’s annual Risk Management Plan and maintain the Risk Register by:
o leading the committee’s initial and annual risk management analyses
o documenting identified risks for endorsement by the committee and inclusion in the Risk Register
o drafting risk management checklists for identified risks, for endorsement by the committee
o scheduling annual reviews by the committee of risks and the endorsed risk management checklists
o preparing an annual Risk Management Plan comprising —
 long term risk management aims
 targets/objectives for the year
 identified risks (extracted from Risk Register) and checklists/procedures to address each risk
 evaluation of previous annual Risk Management Plan
o make recommendations to the committee on emerging risk management issues.

12. Buildings owned, rented or occupied by U3A Darebin together with furniture, equipment and other chattels, will be safeguarded by the Committee of Management by:
o controlling access to keys and/or access codes to buildings, and to secure storage within buildings
o maintaining an accurate and up-to-date register of persons who (a) hold keys/access codes, and/or (b) have access to secure storage
o appropriately and adequately securing valuable items, especially valuable portable items, against theft or damage in accordance with insurance coverage (where applicable)
o storing insurance policies in [name of organisation]’s records management system
o recording all valuable items in U3A Darebin’s Asset Register and storing the Asset
o Register in U3A Darebin’s records management system.
13. Where U3A Darebin’s property is stolen or damaged due to vandalism, burglary or attempted entry, the damage will be photographed, reported immediately to Victoria Police, and reports will be prepared for insurance purposes (where applicable). To safeguard against injury or damage resulting from fire, and to mitigate the impact of fire:
o fire extinguishers will be installed in each room and maintained in accordance with maintained in accordance with MFBs standards
o smoke alarms will be installed in each room and maintained in accordance with MFB standards
o emergency evacuation procedures will be displayed prominently in each classroom
o evacuation drills will be conducted with members and volunteers on an annual basis
o tutors will be provided with the emergency evacuation procedure and be required to familiarise members with these procedures annually
o emergency exits will be identified by prominent signage.
14. A member/volunteer may lodge an enquiry/complaint about risk management with [Name of organisation]’s Secretary; the Secretary will agenda the matter for the next meeting of the committee. The Committee of Management will review the enquiry/complaint promptly, and agree on a response to the issue raised.

This Policy was adopted by the Committee of Management of U3A Darebin, and minuted as such, on March 28th 2018.

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