Code of Conduct for Committee Members

Policy Statement
U3A Darebin Inc. is managed by a Committee elected annually by its members. Key Legal Duties of the Committee are:
1. Duty to act in good faith and for a proper purpose for the good of the Organisation
2. Duty to act with reasonable care, skill and diligence
3. Duty not to misuse position or information
4. Duty to manage conflicts of interest

Good Faith and for a Proper Purpose : Committee members will:
Read and understand the Constitution.
Attend meetings punctually, or forward an apology if unable to attend.
Read minutes and any documentation as required.
Ensure that all decisions are made in accordance with U3A Darebin Purpose, policies and procedures, as well as legal and ethical codes
Participate positively and co-operatively at meetings.

Act with Reasonable Care, Skill and Diligence: Committee members will:
Have the best interests of the Organisation and members in mind at all times.
Treat all people with respect.
Be open to feedback from members and respond appropriately.
If necessary, seek further information before making a decision.
Be honest at all times.

Not to Misuse Position or Information: Committee members will:
Not take advantage of their position on the Committee in any way.
Always represent the Organisation in a positive manner.
Respect confidentiality and privacy of all information.
Not use official information for personal or commercial gain.

Managing Conflicts of Interest: Committee members will
Ensure that the Committee is immediately informed when possible personal or financial interests of a member may affect the discussion, the responsibility to perform official duties or influence decision making.
Ensure that all decisions are made for the good of the total membership and not for personal gain.

U3A Darebin Inc. Committee of Management
April 2015


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