General Membership Code of Conduct

Policy Statement

The success of this organisation requires a specific range of actions, attitudes and commitment. All members are expected to reflect these in all aspects of their involvement with the U3A Darebin Inc.

Commitment to the Organisation and the Community
• Ensure that all members act with integrity when dealing with one another and when representing U3A Darebin Inc.
• Ensure that the behaviours and attitudes reflect the overall principles and values of U3A Darebin Inc.
• Understand and support the aims and objectives of U3A Darebin Inc.
• Honour all policies and procedures.
• Represent the organisation in a positive way.
• Volunteer in some capacity.

Personal Integrity
• Treat all persons with honesty, courtesy and respect.
• Be responsible and accountable.
• Take responsibility for reporting any hazards and working safely.
• Obey the law of the land.

• Maintain a shared purpose.
• Appreciate individual differences.
• Support each other by encouraging personal growth.
• Volunteer for tasks within the organisation.

• Be punctual and reliable in attending U3A classes, activities and other U3A commitments.
• Notify appropriate person when unable to attend a class or ceasing enrolment in a class.
• All members are responsible for adhering to this policy.
• No member has more rights than others.
• No member has over-riding control of who is the tutor or how the class is conducted and organised.
U3A Darebin Inc. Committee of Management
October 2014

Based on Codes of Conduct from various U3As

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