Around the Bay in a Day

Day Time Frequency Venue
Various 7:30am to 5:00pm Twice each year Port Phillip Bay
Interval: During School Holidays


We’ll show those cyclists!   A 210 km circuit on Public Transport for a scenic tour of Port Phillip Bay.

Thursday the 31st of March 2016

 Start:    Depart Southern Cross Station for Geelong about 8:00am.

Bus 56 from Geelong to Queenscliff.

Ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento at 12:00 noon.

Bus 788 from Sorrento to Frankston.

Finish:   Train from Frankston to Flinders Street – arriving at about 4:30pm.

Cost:      Seniors about $20:00 (including separate of $10:00 fare for the ferry).   About $40:00 for full fare.

Tickets: Myki for trains and buses, plus buy a ticket for the ferry online, or at the Queenscliff terminal.

Lunch:  BYO, or buy at Queenscliff, on the ferry or at Sorrento.

 Note:     There’ll be short walks between the ferry terminals and bus stops at both Queenscliff and Sorrento.   We’ll be at the mercy of public transport, but if everything connects on time we’ll be able to spend about 45 minutes in both Sorrento and Queenscliff.   It’s also important to note that we’ll be travelling all day on public transport, and we may have to be patient waiting for connections.

Maximum 20 people

Bring your U3A Darebin Name Tag.

Bring your Myki – with at least $20:00 credit.

Bring your Seniors Card.

Bring enough money for the Ferry – and lunch/snacks.

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